The Program

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Adding value to, and developing children’s minds and bodies in an uplifting and positive manner to produce the LEADERS of tomorrow.


Childhood is a time like no other.  It’s a time for exploring… for creating… for discovering about oneself… for meeting the world… for learning how to learn… for being accepted “just the way I am.”  It’s a time for blossoming and being cherished… a time for being allowed the time to be a child.

GO! Academy is dedicated to building long-term relationships with children and families through state of the art teaching models, self-esteem and character building approaches, and by being known as the premiere early education facility in the county.

The goal of our facility is to provide a program that enhances all areas of a child’s development (emotional, social, cognitive, physical and life skills), and providing opportunities to enjoy happy learning experiences.  Last but not least, to provide children the chance to make new friends, and enjoy creative expressions in art, science, music and play.


GO! Academy posts a schedule of events that lists the activities for the month.  Each daily planned activity, depending on the program, will include Cognitive, Language and Communication, Health and Well-Being, Physical, Social and Emotional Development, Mathematics, as well as, Emergent Reading and Writing Literacy.  We also have planned activities for Science, Social Studies, Technology and Fine Arts.  This is taught via developmentally appropriate techniques and activities (both structured and unstructured) organized in interest areas such as: dramatic play, art, blocks, woodworking, music, story time, sensory activities, natural science and discovery, manipulatives, puzzles and frequently group games and field trips.

Center Time
Children have their choice of activity centers such as art, writing, woodworking, library, listening center, science and dramatic play. These centers develop fine motor and gross motor skills while cooperating and interacting with the other children around them.

     Story & Library Time
     Your child will begin to appreciate books and enjoy reading them.  We encourage children to handle books, look at pictures and read. During the school year a representative from the Ennis Public Library delivers a weekly story time. During the summer we participate in the Public Library Summer Reading Program at the Library.

     Daily Planned Lessons
     GO! Academy’s curriculum will encompass the following sub-topics into daily activities: Language/Communication, Science, Math, Geography, Music, art and large and small motor development.

     Music Time
     Exposure to and involvement with simple rhythm instruments is apart of our music program. Rhythms will be “practiced” by the learning of songs and musical plays.  Guest Musicians will visit the children to give exposure to a variety of sound and diverse musical styles. Tone, volume, and pitch awareness is part of the music curriculum.

     Outside Time
     Everyday, weather permitting, the children will go outside twice a day for at least 30 minutes at a time. This gives the children time to release energy by running and playing. When temperatures reach above 100 or below 40, teacher discretion will be used to determine if, and how long, the children will be outside.
     All children are encouraged to play on all apparatus excluding the twisty slide for the Green and Purple rooms. All children in the Green and Purple rooms are prohibited for going down the twisty slide by the Texas Department of Protective and regulatory services.

     Art Time
     Exploratory, sensory art activities help the children experience variety of life. Collages and creating mobiles will be offered. Paints, chalk, pencils, paper, markers, glue, paste, and play dough will be incorporated into daily activities to bring out creativity in our young minds, and help them to see the color and beauty of the world.